FertilityCare™: A Consideration

Two questions frequently asked by couples considering Creighton Model FertilityCare™ System:

1. Does the method work?

Yes, it does work. It matches the highest method effectiveness statistics of any method to avoid pregnancy: 98–99%. It also provides the most effective approach for achieving pregnancy and working with couples experiencing infertility problems, thus making it a full service family planning method.

2. Is the method good for us?

Yes, it is beneficial for all individuals and couples. Besides family planning effectiveness, many additional benefits accompany this method’s use:

• Health is enhanced by the method. The body is not invaded by chemicals or manipulated by devices. Consequently, there are no medical side effects.

• Couples have a better understanding of normal reproductive health; they detect unhealthy conditions and seek treatment earlier.

• Many find the method compatible with their personal moral values.

• As a method to achieve pregnancy, this system is unique. To know that a particular act of intercourse may result in pregnancy, 76% will achieve a pregnancy with the first act of fertility-focused intercourse.

• Couples experience an increase of knowledge. They come to understand and appreciate their bodies, their fertility, and their sexuality.

• The Creighton Model FertilityCare™System fosters growth in love relationships because it is a ‘WE’ method. Together you come to the class, together you learn, together you communicate, make decisions, and together you do all this for ‘US’.

• Once learned, it is usable for the couples’ entire life—in all reproductive categories.

• It is inexpensive.

• And it provides a lifetime of benefits.


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